Saint Meloir des Ondes to Bayeux to Paris, Saturday, September 26

Alas our last day together. Our breakfast was just as wonderful as the morning before although I still couldn’t quite face the raw oysters, Then we packed and loaded into the vans once last time to travel to Bayeux.

Leaving the Chateau. Notice the balcony in the upper right of the photo. That was my room.

Leaving the Chateau. Notice the balcony in the upper right of the photo. That was my room.

Lucie was especially excited to show us her hometown of Bayeux.

The Bayeux Tapestry is not really a tapestry but an embroidered cloth nearly 70 m (230 ft) long and 50 cm (20 in) tall, which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England concerning William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold, Earl of Wessex, later King of England, and culminating in the Battle of Hastings, in 1066.The tapestry consists of some fifty scenes with Latin titles, embroidered on linen with colored wool yarns. It is thought to have been commissioned by Bishop Odo, William’s half-brother, and made in England—not Bayeux—in the 1070s. In 1729 the tapestry was rediscovered by scholars. It had been displayed annually in the Bayeux Cathedral. According to Sylvette Lemagnen, conservator of the tapestry:

“The Bayeux tapestry is one of the supreme achievements of the Norman Romanesque … Its survival almost intact over nine centuries is little short of miraculous … Its exceptional length, the harmony and freshness of its colors, its exquisite workmanship, and the genius of its guiding spirit combine to make it endlessly fascinating.”

2015-09-26 10.07.55

Walking to see the tapestry.

Walking to see the tapestry.

We were not allowed to take any photos in the museum of the Tapestry but it really hard to explain how amazing it is to see something that was made of linen and wool almost 1000 years ago and see how great shape it is in and how bright the colors still are.


If you would like to see more of the tapestry I have a book at home that has blown up photos of the entire tapestry at almost full size although it hardly does it justice.

After a last lunch, we all said goodbye and hugged, some to continue on their journeys, some to the Bayeux train station, and a few of us to Paris. My last night in Paris was uneventful. I visited a wonderful little street market across from the hotel, had dinner with some of my friends I met on the trip in the hotel restaurant, and off to bed….to get up and transfer to the airport and home to Concord.


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